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Haan Handpoke Tool Co.

Handpoke Starter Kit

Handpoke Starter Kit

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The items contained in this kit were selected by seasoned handpoke artists and each kit contains all of the supplies needed to be stocked up and ready for up to 10+ tattoo sessions.

Included are one of our 25mm handpoke tools along with all of the materials needed for a tattoo session: nitrile gloves, medical bibs, machine bags, tools, alcohol wipes, protective barriers, needles, ink and stenciling supplies.

- Handpoke Tool 25mm (x1)
- Machine Bags (x10)
- Rubber Bands (x10)
- 3RL Needles (x5)
- 5RL Needles (x5)
- 7RL Needles (x5)
- 9RL Needles (x5)
- 3RS Needles (x5)
- 5RS Needles (x5)
- 7RS Needles (x5)
- 9RS Needles (x5)
- 11RS Needles (x5)
- Mom's Millenium "Black Pearl" Outlining Ink Shots (x5)
- Ink Cups (x15)
- Jumbo Craft Sticks (x10)
- Black Nitrile Gloves (x20)
- Black Dental Bibs (x10)
- S8 Red Soap Packets (x5)
- 250 mL squeeze bottle (x1)
- Stencil Paper (3 Full Sheets)
- Stencil Stuff Transfer Gel (x5)
- Disposable Razors (x5)
- Circular and Square Protective Barriers 4"x 4" (x10, 5 of each)
- Alcohol Wipes (x10)
- Petroleum Jelly Packets (x10)
- Aquaphor Packets (x10)

Maintaining sterility and safety are of the upmost importance when tattooing. Use at your own risk.

Skill is not included in this kit.

The user and/or purchaser of this kit is responsible for how the materials are used and it is their responsibility to be knowledgeable of current tattoo regulations in their city and state. User and/or purchaser assumes all responsibility of how this kit and/or materials are used! 18+

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