Our Origins: 

Following a recent rise in popularity for handpoked tattoos came the necessity for proper, safe equipment. Professional trades require professional tools and handpoking is no exception.

Our company CEO/Chief Engineer is a professional handpoke artist with a background in mechanical engineering and has been designing and manufacturing handpoke-specific tattoo tools since early 2021. 

Our Goals: 

Ultimately, our goal is to professionalize handpoking as a tattooing method. Though handpoking is the original and oldest method of tattooing, it has been devalued greatly by the modern tattoo industry. However, with the integration of proper safety protocol in addition to proper tools, we are slowly working towards the modernization and professionalization of handpoking within the tattoo industry. 

Artist Collaboration: 

Collaborating with a select group of handpoke artists, our designs are informed by professionals within the industry to fit the actual needs and wants of skilled, working tattoo artists.

We place specific consideration and appreciation towards these exchanges we have with industry artists; Without them, creating high-performance and value to these tools would be much more difficult. Along with this select group, our chief engineer responsible for the design/ manufacturing of our tools has present, professional experience as a handpoke artist and is always innovating towards the industry standard for safe, high-performance handpoke tools.