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Halbou Handpoke Converter

Halbou Handpoke Converter

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Named after famed engineer Alphonse Halbou, inventor of the I-Beam, our Halbou Handpoke Converter is engineered for universal fitment, high functionality and optimal stiffness. This tool is designed such that the artist may choose between their choice of bar needles or cartridges. The converter is compatible with all standard sized rotary grips, coil grips or disposable tubes, allowing for completely customized experience for the artist. 

Lightweight and designed with an I-beam foundation to maximize bending resistance, the Halbou Converter is optimized for long sessions and reliability. Needle depth is also easily adjustable using the provided thumbscrew. Intended for usage with disposable tattoo grommets both to improve the needle's stiffness and to minimize contact between the needle and the tool.

Grips, needles and/or cartridges are not included. 

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