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Handpoke Practice Kit

Handpoke Practice Kit

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Tattooing fake skins is a great way to quickly prepare yourself to begin tattooing actual skin. Building fundamental skills and shapes are key when learning to tattoo and fake skins allow the repetition and simplicity that beginning artists need in order to prepare for actual tattoo sessions.

These practice kits are filled with everything you'll need to start practicing handpoking tattoos before you start handpoking into skin. This includes:

- Blank Practice Skins (x5)
- Stencil Paper Sheets (x3)
- Stencil Transfer Gel Packs (x3)
- Black Nitrile Gloves (x20)
- Petroleum Jelly Packs (x10)
- Longbar Handpoke Tool - 25mm (x1)
- Machine Bags/Rubber Bands (x 10)
- Ink Cups (x10)
- Mom's Millenium Ink Shots (x5)
- Variety of Shader and Liner Needles (5 each type, 40 needles total):
3RL, 5RL, 7RL, 9RL
3RS, 5RS, 7RS, 9RS

Create stencils of your designs using the stencil paper and transfer it to a practice skin. Prepare your handpoke tool, pour your ink and you're ready to start practicing. Intended for new and beginner handpoke artists seeking more opportunity to learn about tattoo procedure and needle mechanics.

Fruit not included.

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